About Us

Madox- a fashion brand located in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in June 2011. Owing to baggy trousers with a front lapel, the brand instantly seized fans of Polish fashion. Original cuts, natural fabrics & vivid colours are always the vital part of each and every collection. According to the designer, the brand juxtaposes casual elegance with the idea of unisex.  Garments by Madox are always of the high quality and novelty, therefore the brand is getting more & more popular among people from different walks of life. The brand does not follow the seasonal schedule or fashionable shortcut, thus it can still amaze fans thanks to its universal and timeless attire.

All products are designed and produced in Poland, which ensures clients that they are of a highest quality. It also means that everything they buy, was made in the high standard working environment, according to the polish law.